UPDATED: April, 2019

Certification and Assessment Process


Whether you are new to First Tee or not, you should become familiar with the assessment process all juniors must complete in order to move from one level to the next. After each 8-week session (Spring, Summer, Fall) we hold a 1 to 2-week period we call “Assessment Weeks” during which juniors go to Diablo Creek Golf Course or Lone Tree Golf Course and have the opportunity to complete the necessary requirements at their current level.

Starting at the PLAYer 2 levels, juniors who wish to move to the next level (Par, Birdie, Eagle, Ace, in that order) must attend these assessments and complete all remaining requirements outlined in the document below. Juniors who are in the TARGET or PLAYer 1 levels do not need to attend these assessments; however, juniors in the PLAYer 1 level are welcome to participate. Please note they will not become eligible to move to the Par level until they are 9 years old.

As you may know, juniors who are new to First Tee begin at the PLAYer level and progress through First Tee by completing requirements at each level. This helps juniors better understand the curriculum at each of the levels, as they build up on previous concepts and exposure to previous classes and levels.

Participants who are new to The First Tee must first complete an 8-week, or 6-week session before becoming eligible to register for assessments.

This assessment period can also help parents and participants set goals for their golf game and what areas, if any, need to be improved on.

If players assess at a certain level for their golf skills and meet all other criteria, they will be considered “certified” for their level and eligible to move to the next. The certification process is also cumulative, meaning that juniors who have previously participated in an assessment at their current level will not need to repeat the completed requirements in subsequent assessments. HOWEVER, all certification requirements will reset once juniors move to their next level. (For example, if a junior has completed all the PLAYer certification requirements and moves to Par, he/she will then be responsible for completing all the requirements at the Par level.)

The document below will provide you with a list of the requirements at each level.



If you are unable to make that day you may reschedule with the chapter office for another day and time or the following week.

For more details see our list of frequently asked questions or contact send us an email at firstteecontracosta@gmail.com